OPTIONAL if enough funding / Stretch goal

Create a worldwide tool to email all kayakers / SUPers / Canoers if a boat/board is reported stolen or missing

* An email to be to sent to shops / clubs in the area of the theft / missing
* Email sent to registered paddlers by country, state and neighbouring states / countries. We believe a radius of 1500km / 1000 miles.
==> This means people know about the theft, they can share to their facebook if very close to their area. People should not buy when suspicious about a kayak sold online or in fairs. If the kayak is very cheap, it might be stolen. We must always encourage the thief to give it back.

A small fee to send the emails might be requested and/or a donation if the kayak is retrieved.
But of course the emails should be free and perhaps add some branded sponsoring news.
All Emails will be protected and a copy of the database will be held in an encrypted file in the cloud. Working with excellent web developers will be required to keep the privacy of the emails of the community.


  • Near the shore, put your kayak well inland and not too close to the water, the wind, the tide or a sudden high level of river water can take it away.
  • When parked, tight and secure your belongings. If in a restaurant, have the car on sight or ask a local owner of a shop to sometimes check if no one is near your car.
  • When buying a kayak//board : take notes of the person who sells (name, ID, phone, email). Make some sort of contract buyer/seller sign. Store a copy in the cloud. If you buy from this first owner, he/she should be able to give some proof. Ideally, you keep a copy of the invoice/order and these documents pass from next seller to the next buyer/owner and so on.
  • Perhaps use a tracking system, they become cheaper and more efficient. Some have a battery that can last over a year. Some new systems do not require a battery.
  • Take regularly photos of you with your kayak and details of scratches, stickers on it etc... Make sure you can prove it is your kayak.
  • Make your kayak unique. Draw something, engrave a number inside, put a sticker on.

More advice welcome, new ideas, ...
Any idea to make a kayak unique, or a system to prove it is yours that can be removed or passed to the next owner if sold.