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* Your clean-up action. Fields:

  • Name User (automatic)
  • Date
  • Duration in hours
  • Number of participants
  • Total Duration (calculated)
  • Volume trash collected (choose pounds or kgs)
  • Name of the Location / Name waterbody and specific landmark nearby
  • State / Province
  • Country
  • GPS position
  • Distance Traveled (miles/km)
  • Optional: strange item collected / item collected massively and no reason why it should be there (like hundreds of beercans sunk in 1 spot, this could mean the same individuals trash at the same place)
  • Optional: User member of a club

* A new sports club (kayak / SUP / Canoe / Raft). Fields

  • Name Club
  • Check box for the sport: kayak / SUP / Canoe / Raft and other watersport if one of the main 4 selected (surfing, rowing)
  • address (city, country/state is very important) / Location on a map  / website / facebook page / phone / email
  • Rental possible (Kayak / SUP / Canoe) ? checkbox Yes/No

* Signal a location you have found that needs urgent attention

  • Will be marked in black if a major pollution or dump is seen. Another user can make it disappear when cleaned-up and less at risk.

* Agenda: plan a clean-up and find cleaners to join you. Pin will disappear after the date is passed.
A search is possible by country or state (for large countries). It will list all upcoming clean-ups by date. This is the best way to check if there is a date or month where you can be available to join. This avoids to click on each GREEN pin on the map to check the date suits you.

  • Date
  • Morning / Afternoon / Full day.
  • Location (GREEN on the map)
  • Recommended sport: Kayak / SUP / Canoe / Raft
  • User