Safety and Tips

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Basic rules.
* Tell someone you are going to clean-up a place, tell at what time who expect to be home. Especially if alone.
* Be sure you are not on private property, military zone. Always ask a local or make perhaps the police or authorities aware if unsure.
* A KayaClean action is done while mainly using your paddle and boat/board. A normal beach, where you can do it just by walking doesn't count! A KayaClean is for hard places to get on foot or when it's way easier or safer to use the kayak.
* If possible, in calm waters, you can perhaps have a detailed record on what you collect and count items but this is not necessary. Better take the time to collect more trash!

Material - Gear.
* bucket, trashbag, rope, knife, scissors, a stick with a hook. A dynamometer to weight the volume of trash collected.
* Protect your hands and eyes. Have gloves, goggles, sunglasses even suncream. Be sure you are vaccinated against tetanus, there is often rusted metal in the water as well or a dirty can.
* Bring food, water and a cellphone in drybag if you paddle for a long time without touching ground
* Have desinfectant in the group or in the car or local club.
* Don't go in an area close to a industry that is evacuating toxic waste in the water. Stay safe. If you want to take action on a company, join an NGO, activism group or tell your authorities. Kayaclean has no means to protect you in case you do something illegal or stupid even if it feels right.

* It's great to bring a camera to take photos of the location, before - after or just you and your cleaners doing a good job. But leave the camcorder or DSLR home. Focus on the clean-up. Don't get of electronics damaged or sunk. Make sure your Gopro or waterproof camera floats or is well attached.
* Music. Don't take a music player with you. Enjoy the time listening to the wind, the silence or hear a friend who might need your help.

* Beware of the rain, the wind, the cold. Dress accordingly.
* Make sure you won't be caught in a tide, a storm or paddle under lightning

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Why would you or I take our limited free time to do a Kayaclean clean-up?
Because first you will do sport and be outdoors, moving is good for your body, mind and health.
Doing your share! We all have polluted one way or another. We drive, consume and even fly. We are not perfect and the idea is to try to improve and do efforts every year and change habits.
Water is the most precious thing we have on the planet, life comes from there. If water is completely polluted we all die. Plants and animals are a treats and clean water is a measure of peace. Without clean water, humans will fight or go into wars for it.
Doing a Clean-up and telling about it afterwards will feel good. You will get congratulations, perhaps next time friends will want to join you. It is very positive to be a cleaner.